This section will be a running log devoted to my undying love for tacos. Stay tuned for some exciting stuff here.

What tacos have taught me 

Happy Taco Tuesday all.

The following are life lessons I've learned from tacos:
  1. Never give up. After taco #7 you might start feeling like you can't make it to #8, but a little perseverance goes a long way. Around #8 - 9 is where you'll find that magical taco-euphoria, well worth the struggle.
  2. Be adventurous. Unorthodox ingredients might be a pleasant surprise. Pad Thai taco anyone?
  3. Things aren't always as they seem. Just because it has a shell and some salsa, and you bought it from a back alley 'taco stand' in Tijuana, doesn't mean it will taste like a taco.
  4. There's no such thing as a secret ingredient. Actually, that's a lie, there is a secret ingredient. It's cilantro.
  5. Always follow your heart. While I might not be able to fully explain why I love tacos so much, it doesn't change the fact that I love them. The world needs more people that are certain of their loves.


Taco Cat

More taco-talk 

WOW! I haven't talked about taco's in a loooong time! I've been too busy eating them I guess. In fact, I enjoyed a nice taco Tuesday snack today (only 3 - tried to keep it under control) and I foresee another taco feast tonight. Anyway, I've been slacking on the taco-talk lately and that's unacceptable! So from this day forward I pledge to give the almighty taco the taco-talk it deserves!

(Thanks to my pal Canda for the amazing shirt!)

Hope and the Oilers 

I'm a huge Edmonton Oilers fan. Like, super fan-fan. I have watched my beloved hockey team lose game after game, and collect 3 consecutive #1 draft picks as a reward for their suck-dom. Every year I cough up crazy $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ I really can't afford for season tickets thinking 'Maybe! Maybe this year they'll play like hockey players, and perhaps just maybe, make the playoffs!'. Well, yet another NHL season is over and the Oilers are, again, not in the playoffs (7 years straight now). But, that's ok. They played great tonight and gave the home town crowd a much needed blowout win. It felt good to watch. It was hope.

And that's what keeps us going, hope. Tonight I was at the game with my good friend Derek. We were on our way to our seats, when from the corner of his eye, Derek spots something that resembles a taco stand. We both doubled back (obviously) to see what this taco stand was all about. As it turns out, this taco stand was all about tacos. Holy ef...

So i've been to every Oilers game for years and didn't see this!!! How? How did this happen? We'll it should go without saying that we got us same damn loaded tacos and as we ate those damn loaded tacos the Oilers went on to light up the dirty Canucks for a 7-2 blow out win. A #YakCity hatrick. 2 point for my boy Hallsy (bonus time baby!) and just a whole crap load of good vibes for the night.

So I guess, what I'm trying to say is, hope means a lot. Good or bad, we all just want something to look forward to. I've been looking forward to the Oilers making the playoffs for 7 years, but next year, I'm looking forward to that G DAMN taco stand. And some playoff hockey would be nice to.

P.S. Taylor Hall is the best player in the NHL, yes including Sid the glass Kid (blind homerism is bliss).

G'night from Rexall Place


Happy Tacopocalypse  

By now it’s safe to say we’ve all been through a few of these end of the world scares. When all the Y2K business was going on, people had food and water stashed in bunkers preparing for the worst. I’ve never been the paranoid type so there’s no bunker filled with salsa in my basement, but I do enjoy the festive cheer surrounding apocalypse days. I treat them as an opportunity to celebrate – SB style.

Today, this means wearing my favourite sweater with a very good chance of eating tacos.

Wishing everyone a safe and fun filled apocalypse,


Favourite sweater

The Chicken Chili Taco Grip Miracle 

I’ve been enjoying tacos at an unprecedented rate lately. As a creative person I often find I will go through periods of hyper-inspiration; where I’ll write 3 or 4 songs in a week and then long periods of nothing, for example. Right now I find myself in the middle of a taco equivalent. And the amazing thing about these times of hyper-inspiration is that they always seem to push me into doing something new or different. Something I never thought to attempt; areas I’ve yet to explore.

Last weekend, something special happened. Actually, two special things happened:

1. Chicken chili tacos (thank you Julie); and
2. The invention and testing of the ‘Chicken Chili Taco Grip’ (see below).

With the ability to wield two fully loaded tacos in one hand I feel like the world is my guacamole filled piñata. Look out world.

Chicken Chili Taco Grip

Hand Taco 

Sometimes you just really want a taco, but you either:
a) don't have all the ingredients; or
b) don't have enough time to make a proper taco.

Next time you find yourself in one of the above 2 pickles, I suggest you try a Hand Taco (TM). They're easy to make and will carry you over until your next craving.

Tonight I made a quick Hand Taco (TM) by dicing up some peppers (red, green, and Jalapeno), onions, lettuce and cilantro. Try your own combos and let me know what you come up with!

Taco Surprise? 

I just got this text from my sis in law:

"Do you have salsa and sour cream at home??"

I smell a taco surprise party in the works! Maybe a piñata loaded with delicious fresh taco beef and little pistol water guns filled with salsa?

Guess I'll have to wait and see.

picture from

6 Years of Spice 

About 6 years ago (winter of 2006 I believe), my good friend and roomate at the time made a very good Costco purchase. A 735g container of taco seasoning. At the time it seemed like a little more seasoning than we needed.

We'll 3 days ago I finished off this container of seasoning. As I shook the last of the powder into my pan of sizzling ground beef, I reflected on all the years we shared together. 3 moves, graduation, 4 jobs, the birth of my son, 4 vehicles, 6 summers... I'm mourning the loss of an old friend today, but I know, the time has come to move on to new things and explore the wide and eclectic world of taco seasoning.

You'll be missed my spicy friend.

Day 3 - Nov 15, 2012 

Prayer to the musical gods of tacos, salsa and all that is good...

If you want to make an omelete, you gotta break some eggs, right? And if you want to make a taco, you better be prepared to buy some overpriced but still potentially e coli contaminated ground beef and stink your house up by frying it with all the windows closed cause it's cold as hell out and you don't want to crack the window cause if you do it might not close again. 

I spent the better part of this eve struggling with technology. All I wanted to do was lay down some guitars on a track but it wasn't happening. Just wasn't happening. I wanted to make a taco but the music gods have been telling me to stay away from recording for a long while now. I know, I know, music gods, I know. But this one is for my good friend Mr. G. Boredwhey, so maybe tomorrow you'll bless me with some luck? Would be greatly appreciated.

Your friend, Shaun.

Day 2 - Nov 14, 2012 

Today for lunch I had a teriyaki rice bowl - one of those microwave-steamer things. It was tasty enough, I can’t complain. Just the right amount of spicy, chicken tasted good – very flavourful. But still, I found myself wondering ‘What would it taste like if I put it all into 3 or 4 crispy corn shells showered with salsa cheese and lettuce?’

More like a taco. That’s what I bet it would taste like.

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